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What is the difference between EXECUTE and EXECUTE PROCEDURE permission?

What is the difference between EXECUTE and EXECUTE FUNCTION permission?



Hi everyone!
I'm new at this forum and I'd like to share a need I have in the company I work.
We are going to migrate our DB2 environment to Teradata, but we have a separated security area where they only grant privileges to users, but they can't create any kind of objects.

developers in my shop want permission to Create Objects in Production because they say they need to Collect Statistics and drop/recreate indexes but i find that they end up creating many 'backup' tables that take up valuable prod space.  how is this handled in other shops?

Hi Masters,

I have some questions on how user access works with respect to object and database level

We have a database where all reporting views are residing. All users were granted Select access at the database level (through role or explicit grant) so they can query any view residing in this database. Now we want to revoke access on a particular view but still let them have access to rest of the views. Below are my questions

Is there a permission that will allow a particular user (ME) to execute an EXPLAIN of Sql that updates or inserts into tables or selects from tables  that  I don't have update or insert or select permissions on?  (or creates a table in a database that the "Explaining user" doesn't have permission to)?

So you have Viewpoint installed and you are logged in for the first time, a blank Viewpoint pane stares back at you ... Now what?