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How can I extract the start date and end date of the values stored in  a period data type column?
I want to use this to calculate the duration for which a particular policy was valid, hence need to find the difference between start date and end date.
Appreciate your help.
Thanks in Advance!!

Overview: Period Data Types and Derived Period Columns


Teradata Database supports storage and manipulations that involve durations, spans of time defined by a beginning and ending bounds:

I have a time-series table with data points that are time periods. I'd like to be able to evaluate the following designs:
create multiset table dropme_t0(
  whatever_id varchar(50),
  data_point_start_dtm timestamp(0), -- in UTC
  data_point_end_dtm timestamp(0) )

The Period data type is supported by Teradata Multiload as of TTU 13.0. A period represents an interval of time. It indicates when some particular event starts and when it ends. It has a beginning bound and an (optional) ending bound (the period is open if there is no ending bound). The beginning bound is defined by the value of a beginning element. The ending bound is defined by the value of an ending element. Those two elements of a period must be of the same type that is one of the three DateTime data types: DATE, TIME, or TIMESTAMP.