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we are trying to find out the list of all tables being accessed by each user during DDL DML statements. we have access to PDCR.

Hi Friends,
I am new to this forum.
I hav 2 queries. Kindly request your help.

This session focuses on Monitoring for System Performance. 

This presentation provides an overview of the Teradata Viewpoint 15.10 release and includes live demonstration of some of the new portlets added in this release.

Presenter: Shrity Verma, Product Manager - Teradata

Hi All,
It seems WorkTypeInuse00, WorkTypeInuse01 vaules from DBC.ResUsageSawt/PDCRINFO.ResUsageSAWT  are returning wrong values. And the total awt count (WorkTypeInuse00+WorkTypeInuse01)is showing more than 500. Am I missing anything? Please shed some ideas on this.

Hi all,
We're looking at reporting on CPU usage and trying to understand the difference between the CPU metrics in each table. We have PDCR to archive the acctg table in hourly and daily blocks.

I am encountering the below error while installing PDCR on clients production system TD14.10
/opt/pdcr/bin/PDCR_Setup.sh –t TDPID –e
You (pdcr) are not allowed to use this program (/usr/bin/crontab)
Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

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Hi all. We use PDCR to archive our DBQL tables - the primary index on the tables is (logdate,procid,queryid) and they are partitioned by logdate.

Hi all. I have a requirement to generate reports based on our operating windows via DBQL. As the operating windows are subject to change, I would like to use the OpEnvName field that is populated via the PDCR process.

PDCR seems going to be the new replacement for PMCP. Where would I find information for the schema/content/document for this topic? any suggestion is helpful.