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Most of us are aware of AMP worker tasks, and some of us are even obsessive about not running out of this finite resource.  But that’s on the AMP.  What about the tasks supporting user work on the parsing engine (PE)?  Should we be just as vigilant about what’s happening with tasks at the PE level?

Not really.  Here’s why.

I know of a Teradata site that chose to use global temporary tables (GTTs) with their tactical queries in an attempt to get good performance against their fact table. However, there are some known limitations in doing that which I want to share with you.

I was asked the other day about the request cache, speficially, how to keep plans in the cache so the query does not have to undergo repetitive parsing and optimizing.  A request cache exists on each parsing engine (PE) and will hold generic plans that have been identified as potentially re-usable.