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How to Design Complex Views
This presentation teaches you how to design effective semantic view layers on Teradata. After briefly explaining the mechanics of how the Teradata Parser processes views, it dissects a number of semantic view examples that have been successfully implemented in production environments to help you understand what works and what constructs are problematic. The emphasis is upon practical issues from understanding how to design a single view to design patterns appropriate for virtual star schemas.
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SELECT Failed. [3540] Number of tables in join exceeds Parser limit.
Hello,   The query has 394 instances of the same table.   Structure is  :  Select a,b from XYZ where j in (sel from t1 where --) and h in sel from t1 where --)Or (G in in (sel from t1 where -- ) and h in sel from t1 where -- )
Parsing Engine is taking long time to parse a query !!!
Hi Guys, Can any one help me with the Below ?   We are currently runnig on Teradata 13.10 and when we are submitting a query which can be rated on the complexity scale(1-10) as 5
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Teradata SQL Parser
Topics related to the Teradata SQL Parser: Metadata Query, Parsing, formatting, analysis of SQL script, customizable SQL formatter, SQL syntax check
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Teradata query parser
I have a huge number of very large, complex queries which I want to deconstruct into their components and store in a database or XML format. I found one program at http://www.sqlparser.com/ but only their Java version supports Teradata, and it seems a little more complex than I really need or want (and I don't know Java). One goal is to register the various tables and fields that are used, so that I can make a more targeted help file that primarily concentrates on those, and also to recognize if/where deprecated fields or columns are being used.