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Hello, I am using TDS  I have tried both unnamed parameters "?" and named parameters "?\MyParm" however I get the error shown in the subject of this post.  e.g.,:
Select * from MyTable where MyField = ?\MyParm;  (also tried within single quotes)
That does not work... and what I REALLY want is this:



Hi ,

I would like to concatenate a column data (multi rows) into one string inside a Stored Procedure.

I’ve succeeded getting what I want using CTE (with recursive) but I can’t use it in my SP.


Is there a way to use CTE within a Stored Procedure?

I have a query that I would like to avoid hard coding. Using the following example could you give me the code to create such a variable:

I am trying to call Stored Procedure with parameters. Procedure have two TIMESTAMP parameters for example use below one:

About the NPAM

The Teradata Named Pipe Access Module provides an inter-process communication link between a writer process (such as FastExport) and a reader process (such as FastLoad).

Where it started:

Named Parameters are a great feature when using Teradata SQL Assistant. All one has to do is put "?my_parm" in the SQL. This can be very helpful in testing a query and can be a great time saver.

Microsoft's report development tools also provide the same feature... using "@my_parm" syntax within the query of a report. This works great with other databases. However, it does't work when using the Teradata .NET Data Provider nor ODBC to Teradata. One has to use an unamed parameter markert, simply "?", in their SQL.

Hi all,

In MySQL you can set a user defined variable like this:

set @varname = 'does_this_work';

select @varname;

How in the world is this done using TD?
and yes, I am new to TD.

Thanks Lau.