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I am using Teradata SQL Assistant v14.10 and want to manipulate the way result is displayed when I run my query. I want to do the following things-

  • When exporting result in TXT file, I do not want to display the column names.
  • I want the time format in “hhmm” instead of “hh:mm”


I am trying to create a Bteq job that writes the SQL results to an output file with a seperator between each set of results.

I need help with making the seperator in the output file. Is it something like "print" or "echo"?


I am not seeing who to do it based on the info in here:

While loading rows into a table, FastLoad displays, by default, an output message for every 100,000 rows loaded,  for example:

**** 14:47:20 Starting row 100000
**** 14:47:21 Starting row 200000
**** 14:47:22 Starting row 300000

If the number of rows being loaded is less than 100,000, FastLoad will not output any of these messages.

These messages are used as heartbeats that indicate that FastLoad is working for a long running job.

That was fine for jobs decades ago, however, for today's jobs where millions (and even billions) of rows are being loaded this much output may not be sensible. Can we imagine what the console output would look like with the default output message rate of every 100,000 rows?