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I have a query using OREPLACE that runs in one environment, but fails in another with:

Executed as Single statement.  Failed [7509 : HY000] Result Exceeded maximum length for UDF/XSP/UDM pm_edw_etl_load.oreplace2. 
Elapsed time = 00:00:00.437 
STATEMENT 1: SEL  failed. 


Below is the statement that is a part of a stored procedure.
SET NOTNULLKEYLIST=' COALESCE('||OREPLACE(pkcollist,',',',''-1''),COALESCE(')||',''-1'') ';

Hello - I have a messy dataset that has values like this: 1=Very Dissatisfied, 2, 3...9, Very Satisfied=10. I have used a Case statement in the past to remove the words and '=' sign, but was thinking I could use the OReplace that was part of Teradata 14.

Hi All,
As a part of validating a requirement I need to remove special characters from a string .so could you please suggest any function to remove special characters from a string or to replace the special characters in a string with blanks?

I am trying to replace a special character with CRLF in Teradata table using OReplace func but somehow its not working and I am getting "Select Failed.9134" error.
The special Character may appear anywhere in the text.And the ColumnDatatype is generally text field  for eg: CLOB, VARCHAR(32000).

Hi All
I'm trying to implement Oracle REPLACE() function in teradata using SQL statements only. I searched the forum , but found Oreplace() UDF as the only solution.  Can someone help me in implementing this is pure teradata SQL  ??