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Top percentage group of items, by variable
I am trying to get the top 20% of a larger grouping of items; For example
top percent by variable ORDER BY
Order by Statement for Volatile Tables and Efficiency
Hi, At my workplace I can't create permanent tables, so I have been creating volatible tables as middle steps for joins later on very large data set. 
volatile table ORDER BY efficiency
Order By Result Difference in TD and DB2 Using Dense_Rank() Function with it
Hi All,   Order by Behavior is different in DB2 and Teradata    I already tried adding Case specific which doesn’t work for my project related data .   Here is the main query modified (table-name etc for security reasons and its output Demo Data but similar to main one )
sql teradata ORDER BY dense_rank db2
ORDER BY cannot be used in sub queries
Hi, Recently our TD system got upgraded to Teradata 14.10.0206 from Teradata 13.11. After the upgradation, I can see an unusual behavior. the script never used to fail previously, but now its failing after the upgradation.   Below is the scenario: