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connecting to Teradata from Oracle DB &SAP BW
Hello Everyone,   i am doin a POC by  connecting to Teradata DB from Oracle DB and SAP BW to transfer the data from Oracle and SAPBW. Is it possible ? if yes, please guide me how to do that ? i am using TD 15 version. Thanks in advance, Raj Y
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What is the equivalent of "CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE" in Teradata
Hi    I must make a porting of a query in Oracle that it  contains the CONNECT_BY.     I know that in Teradata it is replaced with the WITH RECOURSIVE, but there is also  the function  CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE.   How can I replace it in TERADATA?    
Querying an Oracle database from a Teradata query
Dear all,  I would like ti create a DB Link from a Teradata database (v. to an Oracle database (10g) but the Create DBLink query doesn't work. I have looked on the Internet about this, but I didn't find anything relevant about it? How should I proceed to create the link between the two environments?  Thank you in advance
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Help to permute records of a table and update into the same table (from mathematics background)
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Hands-on with Teradata QueryGrid™ - Teradata-to-Oracle
Teradata QueryGrid enables high performance multi-system analytics across various data platforms. QueryGrid: Teradata-to-Oracle provides powerful SQL based functionality allowing you to join datasets across Teradata and Oracle systems.
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Oracle Decimal to Teradata integer in TPT script
I am writing a PT script which loads from an oracle source to Teradata. PROBLEM_COL in Oracle is defined as DECIMAL(10,0). In Teradata PROBLEM_COL is defined as Integer. The load fails, and all rows are inserted into the error table. Reviewing the logs I believe I see the problem:
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avg sale of quarter with previous quarter sale
I have a table t in which there are various attribute like product,year,qtr,month,sale. I have to calculate the avg_qtr sale and show previous avg_qtr sale. I have used windowing function to show previous avg_qtr sale. I have read about lag but here it is not possible to use as it is not fixed after how many rows it will be repeated.
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Teradata preferences for new connection profile type missing
Hi, I'd like to connect to a Oracle database using Teradata Studio 15.0.01 but I'm missing the tab "New Profile Connection Types" in "Window" - "Preferences" - "Teradata Datatools Preferences". Any ideas? Regards Daniel
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OBIEE 11g Integration with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix On Teradata
Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Configuration and Integration with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ On Teradata This article describes how to integrate Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ 1.x on Teradata to enable transparent OBIEE end user access to the advanced analytic functions from Fuzzy Logix.  Fuzzy Logix’s DB Lytix™ 1.x includes libraries of in-database models that run deep inside Teradata Systems.  Use of these models allows execution of analytics within the database, leveraging the performance, parallelism and scalability of Teradata system while dramatically improving the performance of analytic results and simplifying the integration of analytics into existing reporting and analytic applications.
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Oracle to Teradata 101
If you've worked with Oracle for years and now find yourself the DBA for a Teradata Data Warehouse, you'll want to get productive as soon as possible.
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