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Hello Everyone,
i am doin a POC by  connecting to Teradata DB from Oracle DB and SAP BW to transfer the data from Oracle and SAPBW. Is it possible ? if yes, please guide me how to do that ?
i am using TD 15 version.
Thanks in advance,
Raj Y



I must make a porting of a query in Oracle that it  contains the CONNECT_BY.



I know that in Teradata it is replaced with the WITH RECOURSIVE, but there is also  the function  CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE.


How can I replace it in TERADATA?



Dear all, 
I would like ti create a DB Link from a Teradata database (v. to an Oracle database (10g) but the Create DBLink query doesn't work. I have looked on the Internet about this, but I didn't find anything relevant about it? How should I proceed to create the link between the two environments? 
Thank you in advance

Teradata QueryGrid enables high performance multi-system analytics across various data platforms. QueryGrid: Teradata-to-Oracle provides powerful SQL based functionality allowing you to join datasets across Teradata and Oracle systems.

I am writing a PT script which loads from an oracle source to Teradata.
PROBLEM_COL in Oracle is defined as DECIMAL(10,0). In Teradata PROBLEM_COL is defined as Integer.
The load fails, and all rows are inserted into the error table.
Reviewing the logs I believe I see the problem:

I have a table t in which there are various attribute like product,year,qtr,month,sale. I have to calculate the avg_qtr sale and show previous avg_qtr sale. I have used windowing function to show previous avg_qtr sale. I have read about lag but here it is not possible to use as it is not fixed after how many rows it will be repeated.

I'd like to connect to a Oracle database using Teradata Studio 15.0.01 but I'm missing the tab "New Profile Connection Types" in "Window" - "Preferences" - "Teradata Datatools Preferences".
Any ideas?

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Configuration and Integration with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ On Teradata

This article describes how to integrate Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ 1.x on Teradata to enable transparent OBIEE end user access to the advanced analytic functions from Fuzzy Logix.  Fuzzy Logix’s DB Lytix™ 1.x includes libraries of in-database models that run deep inside Teradata Systems.  Use of these models allows execution of analytics within the database, leveraging the performance, parallelism and scalability of Teradata system while dramatically improving the performance of analytic results and simplifying the integration of analytics into existing reporting and analytic applications.

If you've worked with Oracle for years and now find yourself the DBA for a Teradata Data Warehouse, you'll want to get productive as soon as possible.

I am using Teradata Studio as a single environment to run against multiple types of databases. One of these is an Oracle database. I notice when running that type of query, the results show up in a different window titled "SQL Results". There don't seem to be any preferences for this window.

When connecting TD14 with Oracle 11 or 12, I've read that USL 15 allows connecting them with a portal server in between. When creating the foreign server, hosttype would normally be 'portal' as that's what's in the middle between TD and Oracle. In what scenario would we use hosttype 'oracle'? 

Oracle DB offers a so-called multi-table insert statement which is very handy for ELT processing. It offers the possibility to insert multiple rows into one or more target tables from one source row. Here is a short example that should demonstrate what it does: 
-- source: source_table_1 - table with many columns

Can any one answer my Question...How can we connect (Different Oracle, Teradata) multiple database servers to join the tables from both DB's

Hi Team 


While performing calculations I am facing some precision issues between output from Oracle and Teradata.Please Help.


-- Oracle

SELECT ROUND((((3.82/23.88)*23.88)/767),2) FROM dual




-- Teradata

Hi Team 


While performing calculations I am facing some precision issues between output from Oracle and Teradata.Please Help.


-- Oracle

SELECT ROUND((((3.82/23.88)*23.88)/767),2) FROM dual




-- Teradata

Since it appears SQL Assistant is still available only in 32-bit version (TD 14/15 clients), it attempts to connect to Oracle's 32-bit ODBC.
On 32-bit Windows platforms everything is peachy.

Your company is new to Teradata and wants to move Oracle managed user data into the new data warehouse. As a DBA, your assignment is to move this data into the Teradata system.

Hi All
I am having problems while loading data from Oracle to TD14. In most cases the problem is with data type, like NUMBER(p,s), LONG RAW, NVARCHAR2 including Unicode, Multi byte and different Character Set etc.

Hi Guys
I am working on migration from Oracle to Teradata. I am facing few issues there. I would be glad if some one please clarify below questions.

This webcast describes how you can leverage Essbase and Teradata Database technologies to improve your analytical application environment.

Hi all

First post. Apologies in advance if this question has been asked to death before and/ or if I'm posting this to the wrong section.

Hi all

First post. Apologies in advance if this question has been asked to death before and/ or if I'm posting this to the wrong section.

Hello everyone - I have the Oracle 11g client and components installed but the Oracle OleDB Provider will not show up in the list of options in the OleLoad tool.  I have manually registered the oraoledbb11.dll file and complete the installation multiple times.  Has anyone ever used the Oracle OleDB provider before?

I'm looking for some learning document for ODI. can some one foreward it to me.

I am getting below error while trying to connect to Oracle DB using DataDirect 7.1 ODBC drivers from TPT script. I am able to test the connection using the example executable program in DataDirect and it works fine.
TeraData Version:  13.10
DataDirect Driver: 7.1 (64 bit trial for testing purpose)
Below is the Log.

Is there a way to record Production SQL queries and workloads so that they can be replayed in another environment?
Kind regards,

This course covers the various things you need to know when converting applications that processed your Oracle database.

I've got Fastload opening a named pipe, and I'm redirecting the output from a SQL*Plus script to the pipe in Windows. I assumed this would be far faster than allowing SQL*Plus to spool the result to a file locally, and fastload to import the flat file. Turns out it's not.

I have to do the following transformation



The datatype of column is float..

Round() function is available in oracle.

--How to implement this requirement in Teradata.Should I use CAST()?

I have another query:

Suppose the column contains values like 20.123456


I'm rather new to Teradata so please sorry if the question is a simple one.

Perhaps the easiest way to transition from a flat logic mindset to a set logic mindset is to convert some Flat SQL to Set SQL, then stare at both of them until the logical equivalence of the two approaches becomes clear.

Hi guys I am a beginner and received an email from Oracle regarding JavaOne & Oracle Develop conference 2011 to be held in Hyderabad..

I am loading a column from an Oracle table defined as DECIMAL(30,3). I am using the ODBC interface to exract the data. I have the columns defined as DECIMAL(30,3) in the Teradata table. The completes without errors but the values are all divided by 1000. For example, Oracle value = 1000, Teradata = 1. Maybe it's an ODBC setting.

hi everyone,

I'm loading a Teradata table from an Oracle table using TPT utility.

For this running a TPT and facing a weird error which says:
TPT_INFRA: TPT01036: Error: Task (TaskID: 6, Task Name: SELECT_2[0001]) terminated due to the receipt of signal number 11

I tried to investigate but couldn't find anything. If someone has faced such kind of error before, or knows about plz plz plz help. Its very urgent !
Below is the screenshot of log generated while executing the same.

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get a Teradata ODBC driver to work on an Oracle/AIX platform instead of windows. I've gotten the Tnsping working, however when I go to use the link I recieve the following error message:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28545: error diagnosed by Net8 when connecting to an agent
Unable to retrieve text of NETWORK/NCR message 65535
ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from LINK_TDDEV

I am trying to use TPT to move a table from Oracle 10g to Teradata 12 using the ODBC operator with Oracle ODBC driver When I execute the script with tbuild, I get

EMAIL_SRC_CD_LK_ODBC: connecting sessions
**** 12:38:34 Fatal error received from ODBC driver:
MSG='[Oracle][ODBC]Driver not capable.'
= =
= ODBC Driver Information =

This article will introduce the new features and performance enhancements that have been added to Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2. The focus of this release is on usability and performance.

Please see What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 for details of the new features that were added to the original 13.10 release.

23/7/10 URGENT Immediate interview and start for the right candidate
Familiarity with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) ELT tool set would be a definite plus.
This person will need to be capable of working with functional and technical project managers, and Cognos and data architects to determine the appropriate set-up, configuration, documentation and support processes required to extend an existing data warehousing environment based on Teradata.

Business Intelligence Architect
Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent
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Primary Skills: BI, Architect, Data Modeling, Data Analysis, SQL, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Dashboards

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I am working on Teradata to Oracle migration project.

Select frm_crncycd,to_crncycd,exch_rate from exchange_rate
group by 1,2
qualify(rank(frm_dt)) =1

Can someone explain what is the behavior of above query.
So that i can rewrite the query in Oracle.

This article will introduce the new features and performance enhancements that have been added to Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10. The focus of this release is on usability and performance.

Hi All,
I'm trying to use TPT to load data directly from an Oracle table to Teradata. BUT.. I'm having a little problem with numeric data types.
In oracle, I have a lot of different NUMBER(10,0) and other columns.
Lets take one for example a column called DURATION. The actual data in this column fits in an INTEGER type easily. So in the SCHEMA in the TPT script file and in Teradata, i identified it as INTEGER.
Now when running the TPT script, i get this error:

Error: Row 1: data from source column too large for target column
Column: DURATION, Data: '3'

From time to time I’m asked how one might go about writing an UDF or an INMod or some other procedural extension to the database. The question isn’t a “where do I learn C or C++” question; rather it is a how do I go about debugging and testing my extension without the overheads and constraints of running within the database (or utility).

My response is you can use “my Teradata” for which I have the source code (attached). This will allow you to run, test and debug your function outside of Teradata. In short with “my Teradata” all of the features of your IDE will be available to you, including your debugger.

There is now a new command line interface to Teradata Parallel Transporter!

TPT users have been asking for this for a while now, and we have delivered. We will explore here a brief summary of what it is and how to use it.

A collection of UDFs that emulate the most-commonly used Oracle built-in SQL functions.