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Identifying Used, Unused and Missing Statistics
New DBQL logging options USECOUNT and STATSUSAGE, introduced in Teradata Database 14.10, enable the logging of used and missing statistics.  The output of this logging can be utilized to find used, unused, and missing statistics globally (for all queries) or for just a subset of queries.
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Automated Statistics Management
Managing Teradata Optimizer statistics can be labor intensive and error prone. Many users struggle to know what columns and indexes to collect statistics on, how to detect and prevent statistics from becoming stale, and how to know if collected statistics are being used.
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Optimizer confidence level and understanding explain plan
Hi Guys,   I have a doubt regarding the confidence levels of the optimizer in the explain plan.   Below is the scenario that i created: 1. Created 2 tables Location and Employee with unique primary indexes on EmpNo column  
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Explaining the EXPLAIN – New Functionality in 14.0 & 14.10
This presentation builds on Recorded Webcast # 49911 Explaining the EXPLAIN, which did just that (if you have not viewed, please do so before watching this webcast).
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Query on Skew-Sensitivity in the TD12 above Optimizer
Hi All, I was reading Carrie's blog on skew sensitivity of TD12 optimizer.http://developer.teradata.com/database/articles/skew-sensitivity-in-the-optimizer-new-in-teradata-12  
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Implicit and explicit castings results in a bad plan
Hi. I've created a very small table to illustrate the issue, I'ld like to hear opinions about. CREATE MULTISET TABLE Table_1 ,NO FALLBACK , NO BEFORE JOURNAL, NO AFTER JOURNAL, CHECKSUM = DEFAULT, DEFAULT MERGEBLOCKRATIO ( Textfield CHAR(20) CHARACTER SET LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC )
Bad plan casting optimizer
Outer Joins and Optimizer Issues
Hi all,   I'm having some performance issues due to the way certain queries are being processed by the optimizer. I have a set of views that I want to join together, and each of these views has the same JOIN/WHERE clause combination:SELECT ...
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PMON shows a sensible "estimated time" but 'infinite' actual time.
You would expect the other way around .... Optimizer can make estimates that are thrown off the real count based on so many factors. I dont recollect seeing this kind of situation before - I am on v13 . 
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Index stats vs Column stats combo , Multicolumn stats and judicious stats collection strategy
Good Day Folks... 3 Q's bunched up on stats ... <> When should you collect Index stats  and column stats for the component columns , both as against just Index stats. How does index stats help and how does stats on component columns that make up the Ix help 
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Huge Cardinality estimates for TIMESTAMP COLUMNS
estimated cardinality for the following predicate towards timestamp column is far too high vs date column 1) Table DDL: --------------------------------------
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