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Hi, I have a doubt when coding ON and WHERE clause for Joins (Inner Vs Outer).


I think, for an Inner Join its does not make a difference whether we apply the condition with ON cluase or WHERE cluase.


Please refer the 2 queries belows-


sel customer_id,customer_name,order_amount

Hello everyone,

  I have SQL question, about how does having a filter condition like (say) prod_cat = 7980 in the following two conditions will be treated

1. In a where clause of multiple joins

    something like a inner join b

                               on [join cond]

There are three SQL statements (a, b & c) below, each of which performs a left join. Can anyone please explain how the execution of these statements differs from the other?

a) select c.c_name, a.n_name
from retail.client c left join retail.area a
on c.c_nationkey = a.n_nationkey
and a.n_name is null;