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I use program Teradata OleLoad and option "FastExport" for exporting data from Teradata to Sql server.
My question: how can I use Settings - Load tuning to increase speed of loading? There are settings: "rows per fetch", "buffer size", "enable scroll backwards". Now these options are blank.

Hi -
I am new to working with Teradata. I tried searching the forums for how to create a batch file to initiate a MultiLoad script but was not very successful. I would like to use Windows scheduler to kick off a MultiLoad script to populate tables over night.
Does anyone have an example of a batch file initiating MultiLoad?

Hi everyone.  I'm trying to load SQL server tables to Teradata14 using OleDB via TD's OleLoad tool.  I'm having trouble with attributes defined as VARCHAR(MAX) in SQL server - it seems that this is a LOB data type.  Here is the script that OleLoad is generating: