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IMPORTANT NOTE: This product has been discontinued. The last version released was 15.00.

The Teradata OLE DB Provider allows you to connect to the Teradata database using a Microsoft OLE DB interface.

I know that functional updates are not being added to the data provider for OLEDB but I was curious if it was being updated for 15.10 and if it will be in the same path as the other executables/libraries.

My goal is to keep a rolling few days of the 1 second data in Teradata. 1800 PI tags per second = 180,00 measurements per minute. Loading as frequently as can. Without writing code, here's what I see are my PI options:

I am trying to load a small SAS table into Teradata via SAS/ACCESS connectivity  & OLE DB.
The table is mostly NULL and consists of: id, SiteA, SiteB, SiteC, SiteD.  The Site variables are populated with "Yes", "No", or SAS NULL ''.  Only one column is populated at any time.  Therefore the data looks as follows: 

I am Installing Teradata OLEDB Provider For .Net when I run the Setup I get the Following Message.
"A compatable version Of Shared ICU Libraries For Teradata is not Installed. OLEDB Provider For Teradata requies Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata 14.00."
Moiz Zoaib

Hello everyone - I have the Oracle 11g client and components installed but the Oracle OleDB Provider will not show up in the list of options in the OleLoad tool.  I have manually registered the oraoledbb11.dll file and complete the installation multiple times.  Has anyone ever used the Oracle OleDB provider before?

Hi everyone.  I'm trying to load SQL server tables to Teradata14 using OleDB via TD's OleLoad tool.  I'm having trouble with attributes defined as VARCHAR(MAX) in SQL server - it seems that this is a LOB data type.  Here is the script that OleLoad is generating:

Hi Folks,

I am new to Teradata.
can any one help me how to connect to Teradata using ".NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB".

I tried like this.

using System.Data.OleDb;

string connString = "Provider=TDOLEDB;Data Source=myServerAddress;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;Session Mode=ANSI";

OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(connString);

but I am getting the following exception.
Exception: "The 'TDOLEDB' provider is not registered on the local machine."

how to register 'TDOLEDB' provider?


I need to provide default database name in the connection string to connnect using Teradata OLEDB provider in ASP.Net.

Currently I am using following String:

in web.config.

But the problem is when I connect using this , I always get connected to Default Database mentioned example say if I have Databases X,Y,Z on same box and X database is set as default I am getting connected to X only while I want to connect to Y database.