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Teradata Wallet and OLE DB Load
Hello, Is there a way to use the Teradata Wallet with the Teradata OLE DB Load utility? I see SSO as an option, but I would like to use the Wallet functionality.
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Error when loading table using OLE Load
Hi I have flat file i need to load it into a table.. I am trying load the using OLELoad utility. When i trying to establish a connection to teradata database in desitnation field. Getting a POP some window Error : OleLoad Program (USed to CREATE/EDIT OLEDB Access module jobs and launch client utilites stop working.
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How to run an Ole Load script via Tbuild command
I'm using Ole Load Utility to generate scripts to pull data directly from a SQL Server database and load Teradata table.  Everything runs fine when I run the load from the Ole Load GUI.
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Ole Load problem Version 13.1
Hello, My site recently upgraded to the TTU version 13.1 Trying to set up Ole Load, I am encountering a problem, which I could use some help with. I am able to access the source data (which is SQL Server). However, when I try to set up the Destination (which would be Teradata), I get an error stating: "Cannot open a connection to the specified source provider, "Teradata Database", because: Class not registered." What is this telling me? I know I am missing something probably simple in the set-up.
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Moving Data from SQL Server to Teradata
Hi, I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum, but here goes. I need to load (basically copy) tables from a SQL Server application and load those tables to Teradata. I can access the tables thru SQL Assistant now, but am not sure how I should set up this "copy" from one platform to another. There are 100+ tables that I need to copy, and this copy will be done on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) so a manual process is not ideal. Someone suggested using OLE Load to do this copy. Is this the best way? Can OLE Load be set up to run in batch mode? If so, how?
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