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Hi All, 
I'm trying to come up with an OLAP function solution to a units deduction problem for various groups. 

Hi Everyone,
                    I am new to Teradata forum. Could anyone in forum please help out in deriving an analytical function.
Trying to create a new date column using windowing function which display date of child (SEQ_ORDER (5)) as is and move dates of its first parent (SEQ_ORDER (4)) to all the parent level i.e 3,2,1

I have created below table
 emp_id    emp_sal
 1                10
 2                20
 3                30
 4                40
 5                50
 6                60
After executing
sel emp_id, emp_sal,quantile(6,emp_sal) as A from employee;

I am trying to calculate a percentage using the numerator and denominator below.
Numerator: Amount for the specific month if the Amount is > $25, if not 0
Denominator: Sum the Amounts for all the months having Amount>$25. The only catch is Summing only the amounts that are >$25.