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I am doing some testing on Windows 10 with Access 2016.
Both are 32 bit installations
The Teradata ODBC DSN works fine with SQLAssistant
The Teradatra ODBC DSN works fine with Bi-QUERY and Patch 2.
The installed Teradata GSS client is  NT-i386

I'm using Tableau 9.3 on a windows server.

I also have Presto for querying over Hive.

Using the Teradata ODBC connector to connect to Presto.

Presto release: 0.147

Hive version: 1.2.1


Dear All,
I am getting the subject error while running following code theough ODBC.

I have a linked table in my Access database to a table on our Teradata server that works fine, but I want to limit the rows coming across the wire so I created a pass-through query using the same ODBC connection.
For some reason, it returns different results without the most recent data.  The row count of the table is lower.

As the title says, the driver fails connecting on a RHEL 5-64bit system in a custom directory, running tdxodbc64, and gives the above error, like so: