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The OBIEE Sample Application is a fully functioning OBIEE environment available on a VM.  It is self-contained in that demo applications can be run against data stored on the VM.  It is possible to modify the VM so that external data can also be accessed and shown in a demo or used for testing.  This article shows how to mod

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Configuration and Integration with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ On Teradata

This article describes how to integrate Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g with Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ 1.x on Teradata to enable transparent OBIEE end user access to the advanced analytic functions from Fuzzy Logix.  Fuzzy Logix’s DB Lytix™ 1.x includes libraries of in-database models that run deep inside Teradata Systems.  Use of these models allows execution of analytics within the database, leveraging the performance, parallelism and scalability of Teradata system while dramatically improving the performance of analytic results and simplifying the integration of analytics into existing reporting and analytic applications.

We installed the Teradata ODBC drivers (v15.00) on an Exalytics T5-8 clustered environment (2 nodes) - with all prerequisites in place.
We tested on both nodes with nqcmd and we can select metadata and data from both Solaris nodes.

Connection open failed:
[113][State: 08001] [Teradata][Unix system error]  113 Socket error - The Teradata server can't currently be reached over this network
Connection open failed
If you get this error, try to ping the database IP and check port (1025). If the database and port  connection is open this error will be gone.

Is there any site from where I can download OBIEE11g Case Studies