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Select Columns for UPI,NUPI,USI and NUSI
Hello All,   Can someone explain on what basis we select indexes for the columns in the field. Following is my understand: UPI -> When we have Unique value, which is evenly distributed to all the AMPS. (The column selected for UPI looks like a field Eligible for USI as well. Then how to decide?)
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For joins NUPI can be a better choice than a UPI
Hi All,     I have read that "For join performance, a NUPI can be a better choice than a UPI." Someone please explain why is that? If it is a PI join then it is an same AMP operation how does NUPI will serve better than a UPI??
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primary index using begin(period)
  I have a time-series table with data points that are time periods. I'd like to be able to evaluate the following designs:   create multiset table dropme_t0(   whatever_id varchar(50),   data_point_start_dtm timestamp(0), -- in UTC   data_point_end_dtm timestamp(0) )
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