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using update with WITH clause
Hi,   I'm trying to do something like below, but its giving me syntax error, can anyone please tell me what is the issue and how to fix this.   with cte0(ID,int_col1) as(     select row_number() over (order by (select 1)) AS ID,int_col1 from shuffletest ) update cte0 set int_col1=ID;  
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How to find the number of columns in each table in Teradata ??
teradata find number of columns table
Suggestions to clean up phone numbers
Hello, I am receiving phone numbers from multiple tables.  No standardization was done on any of these tables for formatting.  I have values such as: (888) 123-4567 (888)-123-4567 (888)  123-4567 888-123-4567 888 123-4567 8881234567 888.123.4567  
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Issue with Number data type in Teradata 14.0
I am migrating a table from Oracle to TD 14.0 and using it for further transformations. After migrating it to TD, I have ran minus on both TD & Oracle table data (which is copied TD by some third party tool). Query:Select col1 from table 1 minus select col1 from table 2; Output: 0.00
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How to spell a numeric value in english words
In a recent topic in the forums there was a question on "how to spell out numeric values in english" and an excerpt from the manuals indicating there is a format for the new TO_CHAR function in TD14: "Any numeric elem
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Number Data type - Teradata 14 with Microstrategy 9.2.1 / 9.3
Hello everyone, We are having a problem when using NUMBER data type in the Data Warehouse that is being used by Microstrategy. When in the warehouse we use NUMBER data type, in Microstrategy Desktop Warehouse Catalog, the columns using this data type show "Unknown" in the Data Type Description.
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Difference between 'Number' and 'Integer'
Can anyone please let me know what is the differenc between 'Number' and 'Integer' in Teradata?   Thanks, Kumar  
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Select number not in a column
Hi, i have a table A with column 'ID' that holds positive integer values Now i want to find the minimum value not in this column and less than 10 (say) A.ID 1 2 4 8 9 12   psuedo code:
Hi ALL, I need to calculate the number of columns of specific tables in Teradata indeed. I searched & tried but none of my solutions work. is there a way to do so. any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you,
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