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Hi guys,
I have been searching around and cannot seem to get a straight answer to my question. Thanks in advance for the time!

When you give your customers what they want based on data they have been sending you, you stand a chance of retaining that user as a customer.

Big Data is a challenge today for most companies. Aster’s Big Data Discovery platform, with its library of SQL-MapReduce functions, enables your business analysts and data scientist to easily uncover new insights and business opportunities.

I'm trying to do the Aster nPath Functionality Volume II example from this link:
And I'm getting the following error:

I’m assuming you’re already read Aster nPath functionality (Volume 1) and and are now ready to go into a deep dive with Use Case scenarios.  First we’ll cover some additional concepts, and then move into real-life examples that bring out the value of nPath.  Here

This presentation will cover some of the finer points on Aster’s nPath function.  Here’s the overview:

As we've seen in our introduction to the power of Aster's nPath (Using Aster Express: Act 3, On the Road to nPath), the nPath function allows you to perform regular pattern matching over a sequence of rows. With it, you can find sequences of rows that match a pattern you’ve specified and easily extract information from these matched PATTERNs using SYMBOLs that represent the matched rows in the pattern.

nPath uses regular expressions because they are simple, widely understood, and flexible enough to express most search criteria. While most uses of regular expressions focus on matching patterns in strings of text; nPath enables matching patterns in sequences of rows.

The foundations of the Aster platform are a parallel database with all the features you'd expect from a SQL platform.  However the power of the Aster platform really shines once you start using its library of SQL-MR analytic components.  With these components, complex data analysis that is difficult to code in SQL becomes much, much easier.  A clear examp