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We are using Merge into in a TPT DDL to load data to the destintation tables.
Our problem is how to report the number of rows inserted/updated by the merge into sentence, because we cant use (or if its possible, we dont know how) notify in DDL Operator.
Please if you have done this before, can you share an example?

I'm working with BD 14.1 and TTU's 14.1 too. When I try to run a FASTEXPORT or a MULTILOAD, the log shows the following error message:
££££ NOTIFY ERROR: SENTENCIA: LOGON, CODIGO: 308, MENSAJE: CLI2: BUFOVFLOW(308): Parcel data too large for receiving buffer.
££££ notify: ERROR: Could not write metadata

The Teradata MultiLoad Notify Exit Routine has some issues in the 14.00 and 14.10 releases because of enhancements to the MultiLoad notify events logic. This document discusses the enhancements and issues in detail.

I'm creating a Notify Exit routine for an Update Operator in TPT.  Part of my routine is printing on screen the table Name and Table number I'm loading/updating:
printf("++++\t\tTable Name  : %1.*s\n",