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I have a question about TPT load NOPI table.
I can constate that when a TPT load NOPI table, the working AMP number=session number, which will make the CPU skew of every session almost 100%. Because for every session, there is only one participating AMP...

This session provides information on the basic concepts of No Primary Index (NoPI) tables.

Hi Experts,
Request you to spare the time to shed some light on below.
1.   "You might pick a NUPI over an UPI because the NUPI column may be more effective for query access and joins"

There was a discussion over on the Teradata Masters list about NoPI. Basically, someone was questioning why you would ever use such a feature... and I was a bit astounded about some of the commentary I received.  I'm not going to rewrite my post, it's quoted below, but it made me think about how important it is for us to remember our "boundary basics".