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I am trying to add Teradata in vs 2010. Can anyone please help me?

Read through forum and couldn't get a clear answer.  New to teradata.... I have about 2000 views I need to break down.  Some views use multiple tables... I can get the column names of the view but not the table name and columns together.  Could someone provide statement to retrieve:

I am using Teradata EF provider and I seem to be unable to reference a string column in the table without having to specify it in the key as well.  If I have that column in the key then all is well, but if I don't then I get the following error.  Has anyone come across this?  Or know what the issue might be?

I'm facing with weird problem.
I'm getting Exception [3105] Dispatcher internal error: Please do not re-submit request. in .Net Client for Teradata
while trying to list all columns in particular table using method in C#: