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I am trying to use the bulk load method using TDCommandBuilder in C# and also compare it to the individual insert statement performance using the following code. I move data back and forth between SQL Server and Teradata.

I am trying to install Teradata .Net driver for Windows and when I run the installaton EXE file, I am getting this following error :
Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable.

I am trying to use the Teradata .Net connector (v. to establish a connection between my c# Windows application and a Teradata DBMS. I am not using the ODBC connector so there is no DSN associated with the connection.

Do people actually have the .NET Data Provider for Teradata integrated in Visual Studio 2010? I know you can add a reference to the driver and write code against it, that works fine. I'm talking about integration, where Teradata shows up in the Data Source list when creating things like Entity Framework Data Models.

Is it possible to log in to the "MONITOR" partition of the Teradata DB using the .NET Driver? And then use the PMPC sub-system commands like: "MONITOR PHYSICAL RESOURCE"

I know it is possible with the JDBC Driver...