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I'm was using TTU 13.10 until now, when I upgraded my production machine with TTU 15.00.
But now I'm getting this error:
TPT19435 pmRead failed. EOF encountered before end of record (35)
The process that load data to the named pipes doesn't have time to connect to the pipes.

I tried to write TPT output to named pipe, and then use gzip to compress the stream into final files.
gzip < /var/tmp/fact_abc_segment.fifo-1 > ~/data/fact_abc_segment.1.fastload.gz
gzip < /var/tmp/fact_abc_segment.fifo-8 > ~/data/fact_abc_segment.8.fastload.gz

Hi All,
   I have a TPT script for extracting data from a table & writting to file using select operator, this works perfectly OK for me.
Now i have this entire script of mine stored in a Oracle column with CLOB datatype.

The Teradata Named Pipe Access Module (NPAM) provides an inter-process communication link between a writer process (such as FastExport) and a reader process (such as FastLoad).  The NPAM can also be used by Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) for data transfer activity.

This article discusses the Fallback file that is used by the NPAM.