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I downloaded the aster Express from http://www.asterdata.com/download_aster_express/ but this is version 5.0 which is really old. Is there a newer version somewhere?
Also, the images do not contain the naiveBayesPredict.jar file in the /home/aster/demo/Analytics_Foundation.zip. Any idea on where i can get this?

Naïve Bayes is a set of functions to train a classification model.  A training data set for which we know the outcome (Predictor column) based on input variable columns are used to generate the model. 

We then run the model against a set of input variables for which we do not know the Predictor to see what the model says.  It’s quite similar to a Decision Tree with one big exception; the input data are independent of one other.  This is a strong assumption but it makes the computation of the model extremely simple.