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I am very new to stored procedure and I need some clarification on the code which I have attached.

Hi ,
   I am facing problem when i upload  files exported using bteq into MYSQL
the problem mysql reads NULL as 'NULL ' so falls over
any help on this would be great.
Thank you


Hi ,
    We have an situation where in  we need to load rows of data from teradata tables to mysql tables
any hint on how i could start with it?
canfastexport(or any other utility) help?
Thank you in advance :)

Hello all,
Thanks in advance for reading this.  
I am trying to pull data from Teradata and load it into MySQL without hitting the disk.  
I am currently doing it with a perl script and connecting BTEQ to LOAD DATA INFILE with a named pipe in linux.  

Hi all,
I want to ask, is there any way to import MYSQL Database or MYSQL dump file into Teradata using any scripts like FLoad or using OleLoad utility?