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We developed a free compression tool, which you can download from our website (the documentation, 15 pages, is included)

Hi All,
I would like to know If there would be any impact of I/O if we perform any join operations or filter operations on the compressed column considering compression property is majorly a space saving technique.
Hope I made myself clear.

Besides collecting statistics on your columns on your Teradata database, the compressing of the data to save disk space is a very important maintaining task. So why not connect these two tasks? The idea is to extract the values for the multi value compression of the columns out of the collected statistics.

The "SHOW STATISTICS VALUES COLUMN col ON db.tab; " shows the Biased values of the statistics. In my opinion this is exactly a very good list for multi value compression.

[Teradata 13.1] Why? (CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE)



This is the final installment of a four part series on modularizing the Backbone.js Todos application using Require.js. It examines porting the application to the Pokki platform. 

This article is a continuation of Part 1: Backbone.js + Require.js. It outlines further modularizing the Todos application presented in part 1 and introduces “just in time” module loading. 

This article provides a brief introduction to JavaScript AMD and MVC technologies. It then details a working example of modularizing the Backbone.js 101 tutorial, “Todos” by Jérôme Gravel-Niquet, using Require.js. The article assumes basic familiarity with the aforementioned libraries, concepts, and example. This will be part one of a four part series. If you already know the basics or would like to dispense with the pleasantries then skip ahead to Let’s Get Started.

Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript MVC framework. The default transport mechanism for CRUD operations is XHR. Socket.io is a Node.js Web Socket server. This article provides an overview of using socket.io as the transport mechanism for Backbone.js CRUD operations via a custom Backbone.sync method.