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We have an insert statement that is inserting around 92 million records into a table based on a select statement from another table.  The select piece runs fine, but the following step takes a long time.
We do a MERGE into table HUB_ENCOUNTER_MESSAGE from Spool 18767.

I'm using Teradata Studio v14.01.0.201206111225, and noticed that if I create a table as MULTISET, and later right-click the table, and in the Teradata sub-menu select Show DDL it correctly creates a CREATE MULTISET TABLE.... statement.

If i use SET table then the Teradata database will perform duplicate search in that table while loading the data.
When i use UPI, it eliminates duplication search.

Am i correct?
Could some one please explain in detail?


I want to copy structure of a SET table to a New table as MULTISET. Is there any way we can do this? 


Is there is a way to alter a set table to multiset apart from drop re-create table..?

table1 ia a multiset table.Using table1 , 2 tables are created using the following syntax:


1- CT table2 as (select * from table1) with no data;

2- CT table3 as table1 with no data;


table2 is SET table , while table3 is MULTISET table.