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Using TDCH, What is the best way to import multiple tables into Hive from Teradata? Is there an option to move an entire database from Teradata to Hive?

My question is related to populating my SQL query values from Excel/VBA.  In my query I have two types of inputs, one for a date, another for a city or list of cities.  The date is working just fine and is populated in Excel as 'YYYY-MM-DD.  I can do the same with a single city as 'MIAMI.  What I can't figure out is how I properly populate multiple cities

Hi all,  this is my first time here, and I hope anyone could help me.
I need to know if it is possible to create multiple output files by using TPT, but every  output file name  must be created based on the value of a table field.
 I have a table with hundred millions rows, and two files: Filename and Type.

I've seen how to select distinct information, but I haven't successfully found anything for the opposite.  I'm looking to limit my search only to items with duplicate UPCs.  My query essentially looks like this...

I'm still new to TeraData, so most of my issues and inquiries are probably simple.  I've done a few searches, and can't seem to find much...

If I have 5 columns, itm_cd1 thru itm_cd5, is there an easy way to select the highest value of the 5?

Hi all,

I got a "EOF encountered before end of record" error when running a TPT script with filename = '*' (file by file runs fine).

This book provides information about Teradata MultiLoad, a product that provides an efficient way to deal with batch maintenance of large databases. Teradata MultiLoad is a command-driven utility for fast, high-volume maintenance on multiple tables and views in a Teradata Database.