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We have an external .net application feeding data to our DWH system. While doing inserts/updates with more than 1 record sometimes we are getting the below error :- 
6908   Iterated request: Multi-statement requests not supported.


I have a very large table which has a primary index (x, y). I am trying to perform a search on multiple areas; e.g. area 1 is located between x=1, y=1 and x=100, y=100. My aim is to retrieve the first available row for each searching area as fast as possible.

The Teradata RDBMS can return a variety of errors. Some of these errors are retryable (that is, the request can be resubmitted); the simplest example of this is a 2631 (Transaction aborted due to %VSTR) caused by a deadlock condition. Other errors are not retryable; data-related errors (constraint violations, etc.) are an example.

This book provides information about Teradata Parallel Data Pump (TPump), a data loading utility that helps you maintain (update, delete, insert, and atomic upsert) the data in your Teradata Database. TPump uses standard Teradata SQL to achieve moderate to high data-loading rates.