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Sorry for the ancient version, everybody who's moved on!
I am trying to check my maths skills and coming up empty.
Basically, I have read that there is a way to effectively implement v13 multilevel partitioning in v12, via the mod statement.

We have a large transaction table for a global implementation is being created that has the columns Region_Id, Location_Id, and Transaction_Dt. The table contains five years of data and the filters will primarily be on the columns identified. In reviewing the data demographics, below things were observed:
• The Region_Id has 10 distinct values
• The Location_Id has 2,000 distinct values
• The Transaction_Dt typically has 200,000 rows per value

What is the optimal implementation in terms of request performance?

One of the more difficult challenges in database management and administration is determining where and how to implement a new RDBMS feature or function. In this presentation we’ll look at the DBQL data available for evaluation of tables and columns used within a workload and how this data can be leveraged for determining candidates for MLPPI (Multi-Level Partitioned Primary Index).