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We have a table that has been partitioned as the dataset will grow into the billions of rows.  It has a Primary Index, here is the bottom part of the show table which contains the partition statement:
PARTITION BY ( RANGE_N(Week_ID  BETWEEN 201201  AND 201253  EACH 1 ,
201301  AND 201353  EACH 1 ,

Hi All,
I am aware that order of columns in defined PI doesn't matter.
But if we have multilevel Partition defined on the table and we are including the partitioning columns as a part of PI, does it matter in anyway how the PPI columns be included in the PI of the table.
I hope I made myself clear.

Sorry for the ancient version, everybody who's moved on!
I am trying to check my maths skills and coming up empty.
Basically, I have read that there is a way to effectively implement v13 multilevel partitioning in v12, via the mod statement.