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Introduced in Viewpoint 15.11, Viewpoint Mobile is a new way of monitoring and managing your Teradata systems using an interface optimized for smaller devices. Viewpoint Mobile is designed to pull together the most relevant data and features from the System Health, Query Monitor, Alert Viewer, Metrics Analysis, and SQL Scratchpad portlets in order to support system monitoring and management while on the go. Whether you have Teradata, Aster, or Hadoop systems, Viewpoint Mobile allows you to monitor the health of those systems and to perform common management tasks. For example  aborting a query or changing the workload for a query on a Teradata DB system.

Dear colleges,
I had got some unexpected behavior from my stored procedure, probably because the lack of experience on my side . But could anyone help me explain.


I want to use teradata  system view of to monitor every table's operating,
like in Oracle the USER_TAB_MODIFICATIONS describes modifications to all tables owned by the current user that have been modified since the last time statistics were gathered on the tables.

In Teradata there has such a system view? ?

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To view detail information about the sessions logged on to the Teradata system you should use the GetSessionData method. This method returns a Sessions collection. The sessions in this collection are sorted by user name.

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Resource information is available in both summary and detail formats. Each type of information is also available at both the physical (Node) and virtual (Vproc) level.

The Teradata Performance Monitor Object is a COM object that provides methods which encapsulate the code required to fetch performance information from a Teradata Database. In most cases the data is returned as a collection of performance objects.

These articles refer to the version of the object that ships with Teradata Manager 12.0, and 13.0.

This article discusses the use of the Teradata Performance Monitor (COM) object which makes real time Teradata performance information available to a Windows application in a simple object oriented manner.