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Benchmarking and TdBench 7.2
This talks about the use of the Data Warehouse Query Driver TdBench in relation to:
benchmark system performance performance measurement upgrade migration poc v_tools
Teradata Workload Management Release 15.0 /15.10 for SLES 11 Technical Overview
A new database priority scheduler is introduced with the Linux SLES 11 operating system.
tasm workload management migration sles11
DB2 to Teradata Migration
Hi, I am presently working on DB2 to Teradata migration. I am trying to convert one DB2 data-type to its Teradata equivalent. Can anyone please help me figure out what will be the Teradata equivalent for the following DB2 data-types -
migration data-type data type conversion
Oracle to Teradata 101
If you've worked with Oracle for years and now find yourself the DBA for a Teradata Data Warehouse, you'll want to get productive as soon as possible.
database architecture migration oracle comparison
PREPARE Statement in conjunction with Cursor
Hello all, This is my first post on the TeraData developer forum. So I apologize in advance if my question has already been asked earlier or I did not follow any convention.  
prepare cursor migration
Concerning implementing an equivalent of the ORA / DB2 Sequence Object in Teradata
Hello All , Good Day, Our client has given us a mandate to migrate their artefacts from one platform (DB2) and into Teradata v14.0.
migration sequence
Migrating Your Oracle Database to a Teradata Data Warehouse
Your company is new to Teradata and wants to move Oracle managed user data into the new data warehouse. As a DBA, your assignment is to move this data into the Teradata system.
migration oracle rehost
Migration from Oracle to Teradata
Hi Guys I am working on migration from Oracle to Teradata. I am facing few issues there. I would be glad if some one please clarify below questions.   1.
database datatypes data types migration oracle teradata
Migrate All the Tables of SQL Server DataBase to TeraData in one go
Hi, I am working on a project which is intended to migrate our SQL Server DataBases to TeraData. We are using TD 13.10. 1. I have tried OleLoad. But using this we can only export one table at a time. 2. I have used EFS Tools. But data Conversion is wrong.
mload sql server migration
Migrating Oracle Applications and Databases to the Teradata Data Warehouse
This course covers the various things you need to know when converting applications that processed your Oracle database.
migration oracle conversion