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I want to extract meta data for stored procedure from dbc tables something like this.


a.name AS [ParameterName],


a.parameter_id AS [ParameterID],


TYPE_NAME(a.user_type_id) AS [ParameterDataType],


a.max_length AS [ParameterMaxBytes],


As a beginner to Teradata I am trying to pull down all sorts of metadata for our application. I am not having a problem with getting the proper Select to access all stored procedures of a data base, but my problem just lies in finding the parameters and returns types.

Hi all;
We're working on adding a driver to our AutoTag product for Teradata. To do so we need to pull down the metadata from the database. We do all this in C#. Can you please tell me how to:

Has anyone found a tool or product that has assisted them in managing change requests and details for changes to data models, database structures, and/or ETL code for their Teradata Data Warehouse?  In the past I've used everything from email to Excel spreadsheets on SharePoint to code repositories like cvs or TFS but haven't been happy with any of them.

Is there a permission that will allow a particular user (ME) to execute an EXPLAIN of Sql that updates or inserts into tables or selects from tables  that  I don't have update or insert or select permissions on?  (or creates a table in a database that the "Explaining user" doesn't have permission to)?


In my stored procedures, I'm looking to start recording an "audit log" after each step.

So for example:

* Step 1 in my Stored Proc

DELETE FROM MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 ALL;

INSERT INTO MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1
SELECT blah;

* Insert Audit Log for the above step

INSERT INTO MyDatabase.AuditLog(SPName, Step, Timestmp, RowsImpacted)
VALUES('MySP', 'Step 1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMMP, CountRowsImpacted() );

* Step 2 in my Stored Proc

UPDATE MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1
FROM ( SELECT 'blah' AS blah ) AS a
SET Col = a.blah

This document is a quick reference to the views that provide read access into the Teradata Meta Data Services repository. This document provides information for the following users:

  • Teradata MDS end users
  • Teradata MDS administrators
  • Teradata database administrators