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Teradata Meta Data Services Metaload Error
Hi, I'm brand new to the Teradata world/forum so go easy on me! I've been having issues with the Metaload Utility while running it with an UTF16 connection. We were able to use Metaload before when we created the MDS Views in the DBC while connecting with ASCII, but policy prefers that we avoid created the views in DBC.
meta data services mds Metaload META_E_DBACCESS_ERROR utf16 utf-16
Teradata studio connection to mds : Could not log on user
I can see the system loaded as that defined in mds when we use the Test user button. but upon checking for interdependence on object we get the following error com.teradata.datatools.dependencies.TeradataInterdependenciesException: Could not log on user
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Parse Views to Tree Structure
I'm searching for a tool or utility that will take views and create a tree structure. My task is develop a comprehensive mapping of my company's inbound and outbound processes. Since a majority of our outbounds are sourced from views an automatic method of generating a tree-like strucutre in text or xml would be a huge help. I found a post (http://forums.teradata.com/forum/database/query-to- find-out-the-table-na...) that mentions Teradata Utility Pack's Meta Data Services but doesn't explain which function to use or point to any documentation.
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Teradata Meta Data Services - SQL Views
This document is a quick reference to the views that provide read access into the Teradata Meta Data Services repository. This document provides information for the following users: Teradata MDS end users Teradata MDS administrators Teradata database administrators
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Are We Related?
In a typical relational database, tables are joined together via foreign key relationships. It is also common for macros and procedures to reference tables, forming dependent relationships. When making administrative decisions about database objects, it is important to know about its object relationships.
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