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First of all i am new to Teradata.
My question is related to the 'normal' memory consumbsion on a small TD server such as mine. 
The sever in question is a 2 node machine(TD v.14.10) with 48 amps, 2 Parsing Engines and 96gb of RAM. 

Teradata Intelligent Memory keeps the most frequently used, or hottest, data in memory for in-memory performance without the need to purchase enough memory for all of your data.

You see.  I kind of understood the following chart on MP-RAS.  This is the FreeMem tab from the "Higa Charts" on an actual MP-RAS system on which I did some performance work.  (Hopefully, everyone is familiar with the Higa Charts that you can create using the views, macros and excel chart created by Larry Higa.  If not, let me know if I should write a blog about creating these charts to help get you started using these powerful tools.)