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I'm brand new to the Teradata world/forum so go easy on me!
I've been having issues with the Metaload Utility while running it with an UTF16 connection. We were able to use Metaload before when we created the MDS Views in the DBC while connecting with ASCII, but policy prefers that we avoid created the views in DBC.

I can see the system loaded as that defined in mds when we use the Test user button. but upon checking for interdependence on object we get the following error
com.teradata.datatools.dependencies.TeradataInterdependenciesException: Could not log on user

I am running the Teradata Demo 13.1 on Windows Virtual XP.

The VM is running on top of my Win 7 64bit laptop OS.

I am trying to configure IIS 7.5 to point to the Demo database running On the Windows VM so I can run the MetaSurf site on the Win 7 side.

This document is a quick reference to the views that provide read access into the Teradata Meta Data Services repository. This document provides information for the following users:

  • Teradata MDS end users
  • Teradata MDS administrators
  • Teradata database administrators

In a typical relational database, tables are joined together via foreign key relationships. It is also common for macros and procedures to reference tables, forming dependent relationships. When making administrative decisions about database objects, it is important to know about its object relationships.