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 Hi all,
Can any one pls share any doc or case study or if some one can explain the process how to set up the standard archive & Purge main frame jobs in teradata ?

Hi All,

I am a new member to this forum.  I am currently working on Mainframe Technology(6 yrs) and looking for a technology change.  Please let me know how to start and what are the advantages/opportunities I would have with this change. 



Hi all,

        I would appreciate if some one can give the insight to this problem.


New sign-up, so apologies if this is not in the correct forum!!!

We have just upgraded to 13 from 12 and I have noticed a small anomaly which I was wondering if anyone else has encountered.

Hi all,
I am doing TPT from mainframe. I have data connector -- producer reading from file and load operator loading the file. The script runs fine without multiple instances. If I add [n] for multiple instances to the script, I get below syntax issue and unable to resolve it. Any help is appreciated.

Below works.

/* JGB. JM */


I am new to TPT and calling TPT 13.10 from mainframe. I get a error code TPT_INFRA: TPT02040: Error: Insufficient main storage to allocate 973078581 bytes for a buffer for the name of an INCLUDE file.

Job script preprocessing failed.

I am calling a simple DDL Operator to create a table.

This book provides information about the Teradata Director Program (TDP), which resides in the mainframe client and manages communication between CLIv2 client application programs and the Teradata server. The functions of the TDP include:

This book provides reference information for Teradata Call-Level Interface Version 2 (CLIv2) for channel-attached systems, which is the native interface between application programs on the client system and the Teradata Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). The product provides access to Teradata from mainframe client environments.