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What are the performance issues related with Macros as compared to BTEQ( for table to table loads ). we have all logic built into BTEQ however now certain users want to have them same built in macros so that they can be easily modified from SQL Assistant only .

I know following things where macro will fall short

The iBatis (MyBatis) Stored Procedure Wizard allows you to right click on a Stored Procedure in the Teradata plug-in for Eclipse and quickly create a Web service.

The iBatis Stored Procedure Wizard wraps a Stored Procedure into an iBatis or MyBatis SQL Map. The generated SQL map can then be used to create a Web service or it can be used to create a Java application that uses the iBatis or MyBatis frame works.


ms sql has a feature where you can be looking at a lot of sql code, hilite one section of it and hit f5 and it will only run that piece of code. Does the teradata sql assistant r13.x do that in some other way?

Last time we did a full on What, Why and How description of some pretty Teradata specific information around Query Banding and showed how we could weave this into the Web Application and Data Access Layers so as to minimize the impact of this on the Business Service layer and it’s developers.

This week we are going to keep on the core Teradata trail by looking into Macros and Stored Procedures as means to provide for Isolation and Embedded Processing.