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select t3.code, t3.storenum, t4.itemid, t4.price 
from sales t4
join (select t1.code as code, t1.storenum as storenum, t2.year as year, t2.week as week
from store t1 join dates t2 on t2.cal_date between t1.startdate and t1.enddate) t3
on t3.year = t4.year
and t3.week = t4.week

I have a table that has 4 columns of Week Year and Cost of product A and cost of product B

I have a situation where i am executing a series of create and insert statements using a BTEQ script.
but the issue is that a set of those statements have to run in a loop against a condition and continue with the rest of statements if the condition is satisfied.
Can anyone please suggest an example or how to achieve this .