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Using tdwallet version
I can not get $tdwallet to work in any way.  The tdwallet utility works and lets me add entries and delete entries.  But, in a bteq, the value is not substituted and I get a logon error.  For ease, I created an entry u with a value of the username and p with the password. 

The Teradata JDBC Driver Engineering team receives a lot of questions about what happens when a JDBC connection is created. Let's clarify the concepts Laddered Concurrent Connect (LCC) versus COP Discovery versus logon, and review what the Teradata JDBC Driver does to create a JDBC connection.


First, some definitions...

Hi All,
the following is the issue that i am facing



 Teradata BTEQ for WIN32.

 Copyright 1984-2013, Teradata Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

 Enter your logon or BTEQ command:




UserId: dbc

I installed/configured teradata 14 .
I can logon with bteq :
*** Logon successfully completed.
 *** Teradata Database Release is
 *** Teradata Database Version is
 *** Transaction Semantics are BTET.
 *** Session Character Set Name is 'ASCII'.

When the loading processes start I have to disable logon to users, and when the last process ends I have to enable logons.
I'm doing this with a Revoke Logon on all to user_x, and then grant logon on all to user_x;
what I want to know is if I can do this at role level


a somewhat odd question about a simple method to restrict (inhibit) connection using a "production" User that is over-used among developpers (everybody knows User and Pwd).

In a basic context (no LDAP, no active Mechanism ...) of SQLA requests.

When it comes to establishing Teradata Database sessions, you may find that using BTEQ’s LOGON command by itself is not sufficient to pass along your credentials for user authentication. This article will explain what other commands you might need to use.

Chapter 2: Starting and Exiting BTEQ
Logging on to the Teradata Database
Page 37

Submit the LOGON command in an input file, including
the password, as follows:
.LOGON tdpid/userid, password

Is there any way I can choose the database to connect to at the same time as the logon command, all in one line?

I'm trying to setup teradata with LDAP (sun one) authentication (not authorization)

I get this error when trying to logon using BTEQ :

.logmech ldap
Teradata BTEQ for WIN32. Enter your logon or BTEQ command:
.logon demotdat/auto101

.logon demotdat/auto101
*** CLI error: CLI2: BADLOGMECH(507): Requested logon mechanism is not available.

Using tdsbind works :

C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata GSS\nt-i386\\bin>tdsbind.exe -u auto101

Enter LDAP password:
LdapGroupBaseFQDN: dc=XXXXXX,dc=com
LdapUserBaseFQDN: dc=XXXXXX,dc=com

This book provides reference information about BTEQ (Basic Teradata Query), a general-purpose, command-based report and load utility tool. BTEQ provides the ability to submit SQL queries to a Teradata Database in interactive and batch user modes, then produce formatted results.