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I have recently started working on teradata. I am stuck at a point. I want to move trillions of rows from one table to other. what will be the best way to do this? creating the structure and inserting the data or something like select * into as in sql which is minimally logged. 
Can someone please suggest.

Hi all,

I have a particular question regarding how the data are stored inside ResUsageSAWT.
When the column TheTime is for example '04:10:00.00' all the data regarding AWTs refers to the interval from 04:00 to 04:10 or refers to the interval 04:10 to 04:20?
Thanks in advance for your help!

"udaSQL" provides a DevOps focused SQL Execution Engine that allows the developer to focus on their SQL and Procedural algorithms while ensuring that the needs of the Operations team are addressed by embedding operational and query logging directly into the engine.

Hi everyone,
We are calling stored procedure from bteq, sometimes it exits with bteq exit code 8 but it doesn't give any error messages.
Here is the bteq log:

.logon TD_2700/TPTLoader,


 *** Logon successfully completed.

 *** Teradata Database Release is


we have TD12.0 and use a generic load id that does tpump, multi load, fast load, fast export, .....

We have logging OFF for this id by default because logging on tpump is a big overhead. As a result we can't log for non-tpump jobs either.

In this post, we will cover some more advanced logging topics in TRM, including PE logging, SQL output, user clicks, authentication attempts, and startup logging.

This article describes the basics of TRM's V6 logging in the application server. This includes log file configuration, versioning, location and content.