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Hi all,

I have a particular question regarding how the data are stored inside ResUsageSAWT.
When the column TheTime is for example '04:10:00.00' all the data regarding AWTs refers to the interval from 04:00 to 04:10 or refers to the interval 04:10 to 04:20?
Thanks in advance for your help!

One nice feature of the JDBC driver is the ability to specify how much logging output goes to stdout. For those who aren't familiar, you can pass LOG=DEBUG to get extremely detailed info from Teradata about how your queries are performing.

Lately, when running TPT jobs, we've experienced job failures. When looking at the logs for the TPT jobs, sometimes (sporadically) the log will start off normally referencing the correct job, but will switch over a few lines in and reference a completely seperate unrelated job. 

Hi there,
I have heard that there is some script in on OS under teradata which check if Teradata and other components are alive or not. The same script (or similar) generates T@YS issues if system or database dies or make a DB restart.
The same script contains some log...
Have you heard about similar script or function in Teradata?

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if it's possible to know with some system table (such as dbc.dbqlogtbl or similar) to get the number of sessions opened by a MultiLoad/FastLoad/FastExport/TPT job.
In the dbqlogtbl it seems that Teradata puts only the father session which will create the child sessions...

If I use the following connection for JDBC Trace Logging:



What is the log file location?


I am using the connection string in the following programs:

Talend Open Studio





In my stored procedures, I'm looking to start recording an "audit log" after each step.

So for example:

* Step 1 in my Stored Proc

DELETE FROM MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 ALL;

INSERT INTO MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1
SELECT blah;

* Insert Audit Log for the above step

INSERT INTO MyDatabase.AuditLog(SPName, Step, Timestmp, RowsImpacted)
VALUES('MySP', 'Step 1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMMP, CountRowsImpacted() );

* Step 2 in my Stored Proc

UPDATE MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1
FROM ( SELECT 'blah' AS blah ) AS a
SET Col = a.blah