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Hello All,
I am trying to load a file with aroun 12 million records to an empty table and I tried using BTEQ.
I am included begin transaction & end transaction statements in my BTEQ import script.
However,  the script after sometime stating "Error 9128: Transaction exceeds max. number of Row Hash locks".

Can anyone tell me something about locking modifier "LOCKING ROW/TABLE/DATABASE FOR SHARE".  Is it same as READ lock??

locking table student.employee for share

select * from student.employee;


  1) First, we lock a distinct student."pseudo table" for read on a

Is there any way I can forcefully/manually stop/fail TPT while it is loading (while TPT is in application phase) the staging tables so that the table being loaded is locked and there is no way to access it.
I need to perform some tests on TPT locked tables

While using utilities like Multiload, when any job ends abnormally, Teradata still holds locks and we get error 'Table is being mLoaded'.
While in case of FastLoad/TPT end, we get error 'Table is being loaded'. Even after dropping error/log/work tables, we still get same error. What I do now is just drop these tables, and recreate them.