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All of my table in a database is locked for insert/update/drop. When i run lokdisp command, i get following output. What does Mode: RHL mean in following output. The database is locked even after I restart the system using 'tpa stop' and 'tpa start'. How do I get out of this situation.
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Can anyone tell me something about locking modifier "LOCKING ROW/TABLE/DATABASE FOR SHARE".  Is it same as READ lock??

locking table student.employee for share

select * from student.employee;


  1) First, we lock a distinct student."pseudo table" for read on a

Hi guys,
just want to ask the purpose of Serialize ON in TPUMP. How is it related to the types of blocking or locking if it is not specified in a TPUMP? Are there any circumstances that would affect the blocking or locking?
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Hi All,


I am facing concurrency issue now. My script have concurrent update on same record and 

SELECT statement is executed before update in order to get the updated data for calculation. 

Therefore, I need to lock the record, after executing the SELECT statement.



How can we get to know what type of lock is applied on a table
in teradata database, when when fire a query in TD SQL?

Is there any dbc table providing the information?