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I'm working with the TDExpress15.10.0.7_Sles11_40GB_vp on VMware.   Everything but Viewpoint is working just fine.   I've run "start Viewpoint"  (also stop and start a few times).   Whenever I start up Firefox, I get the message I reference.   Has anyone else run into this problem?

Hello. Unfortunatelly the net is really empty with that information. I didn't find anything right about that. Please, help me with that common problem. I can't connect my Teradata SQL Assistant to ODBC Teradata Source. I'm working alone at my home pc (local host). I've got mysql client and database where i was studying sql first.

Have freshly loaded Terdata Express 14 on a Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion 5.  The bteq utility is working and can connect.  The Teradata Studio Express is able to connect.  However, when I start firefox I get the following error:

Unable to connect


Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost/