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Hi Experts,
My loads are failing because the database is running out of space. When I checked the table size of the table being loaded it shows it is occupying 90GB(including the skew). Whereas the table has zero records in it. Can you please let me know what exactly is causing the table to occupy 90GB of space even when it has no  rows in it.

When I log on to act from a database other than beehive as db_superuser I receive an error:
"Unable to open input file: install.sh"
I've already installed these once in beehive, but I want to be able to access them from another database.

If you are using utility throttles in Teradata 13.10 to manage concurrency of your load jobs, any delay action against the utility job's unit of work will happen cleanly at the beginning of the load job.  However, there may be times where the load activity can be unexpectedly held up after the utility has begun execution.  This posting describes

Teradata FastLoad has a feature named Tenacity that allows user to specify the number of hours that FastLoad continues trying to log on when the maximum number of load operations is already running on the Teradata Database.

By default the Tenacity feature is not turned on. The feature is turned on by the script command:

Hi All,

Is there a way I can load output from a XML process into Teradata? This is new ground for me, so I have no clue how to even start looking for a solution.



Teradata XML Services (TXS) extends the database’s XML capabilities focusing on transforming data between its XML and relational representations. Two key components of XML Services are: